How we’re different

We boast a diverse portfolio giving us access to a broad range of experience across multiple categories. we understand the nuances of the industry throughout the continent. Our penetration combined with unrivaled market knowledge of the US has helped us flourish.

We do things differently so that you have a eagles view of the business !!

We use the following tools to give you the best:

  • Inventory tracking- Its 24x7, track your SKU wise inventory any time.
  • Warehouse management- Your products are securely stored and easy to manage location in our warehouse.
  • Reordering and Forecasting- We follow " Just in time" inventory model. We strive to utilize this in a manner which gives the best ROI.
  • Same day Delivery – We provide same-day delivery in select markets.
  • Simple Interface- Let the complexities handled by us, our simple interface is designed to give you a hassle free navigation.
  • Single interface to update the listing on multiple platforms- You update your listing only once and our system will update on rest of portals.
  • Profit Analysis- We analyze this so that you can take the critical decision based on that analysis.

Service elements:

  • Product listing optimization-This is a work in progress and we keep analyzing based on competitors product.
  • Professional product photography- We are equipped to handle this part professionally so that your products appear great.
  • Pick and Pack- We optimally pick and pack each order so that it reaches customers perfectly and saves freight.
  • Quality Assurance- We quality check each and every shipment so that you have the best customer experience.
  • Factory shipment inspection- We carry this so that your products reach us in the best condition.
  • Warehouse/Fulfillment- Our state of the art warehouse is meant to give you the best warehousing and fulfillment services so that you sit and relax and see your business grows.

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